Choosing cage accessories


There are lots of fun options to decorate your guinea pig's home:

  • Pigloos/Hideys

  • Fleece

  • Crinkle Tunnels - cloth, short & well ventilated tunnels are the safest options for guinea pigs. It is not unheard of for guinea pigs to get stuck in tunnels, which can cause them to suffocate.

  • Ramps

  • Levels - guinea pigs tend to be bottom dwellers, but some may venture to a second level for fun!






There are also lots of accessories to avoid:

  • Hay balls - Although a great idea, these can be dangerous if a guinea pig were to get their head stuck inside

  • Wheels - Broken limbs and necks are not unheard of

  • Hamster balls - guinea pigs are not built to bend backwards. These toys can lead to broken backs

  • Solid Tunnels - Suffocation can happen if too many piggies go in the tunnel at the same time


























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Hay Ball.jpg