Grooming Essentials

Maintaining your guinea pig goes beyond feeding and housing, it is important that your guinea pig is well groomed.

  • Guinea pigs will routinely need their nails trimmed. If you are uncomfortable doing this, you can find a vet or bring your piggy to us. There are guinea pig safe nail clippers available on the market as well as Quik Stop, which is handy to have incase you cut a nail too short.

  • Some male guinea pigs will start to smell and will require a boar cleaning. A vet or the rescue will help you to accomplish this if you are unsure of how to do this. There are many videos available on YouTube that will offer help to do this procedure at home, just remember to be gentle!

  • Bathing is essential only if your guinea pig is dirty and absolutely needs a bath. Use a gentle soap, like one from Gorgeous Guineas, to wash your piggy. Avoid getting water and soap in the eyes, ears or nose.

  • Brushing is especially important when your guinea pig has long hair. Brushing your guinea pig regularly will help prevent tangles in their locks. 

  • Cleaning a guinea pig's ears is necessary if they appear to be crusty or dirty. You can gently use a Q-tip to clean the outer ear.

  • Sometimes guinea pigs can get extra dry skin on their ears and feet. You can use a soothing cream to solve this problem.