Choosing a bedding

There are many different types of bedding on the market. It is best to find one which works for both you and you guinea pig. *Guinea pigs should never be on wire floors*

Wood Chips or Pellets

Wood bedding is great at absorbing liquid and odor, as well as easy to clean up by just dumping litter pans. The biggest thing to understand when purchasing this type of bedding is to note whether it is dusty or not. Dusty bedding can cause irritation to your guinea pig's respiratory system, which can be deadly if not remediated. Opting for a kiln dried pine or aspen bedding is a great choice as there is limited dust and toxic oils on the wood. It is important to avoid cedar bedding. This type of bedding is highly toxic, causing respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, kidney problems, and death. Cedar is sold as bedding in many retail stores, so do not be fooled!

Another fantastic choice is pelleted pine bedding. Equine Pine is sold in 50lb bags at Tractor Supply for very cheap. They are compressed wood pellets that expand when absorbing liquid so you don;t have to use as much when filling your pig's cage.



Paper bedding is very soft and comfy for your guinea pig. I have found that it is not as efficient as absorbing liquid and odors, but it's pleasant for the guinea pigs. Paper bedding can come in fun colors, but can be more pricey. Care Fresh bedding is the most common brand of paper bedding that I have come across. You can also use recycled shredded paper, but avoid any ink or dyes on the paper when using it for guinea pigs.

I use a litter pan with paper bedding on the bottom and hay on top at the rescue. It helps to keep the rest of the cage clean and facilitate potty training.







Fleece is fun because you can pick all kinds of patterns, is reusable, but also more work since you will need to wash it. At the rescue, we use pee pads underneath a folded fleece blanket. The fleece helps to absorb wet spots and also makes it easy to sweep up around the litter pan. Some guinea pigs will find a way to burrow under the fleece, so you may need to find a way to secure your fleece to the cage to avoid this. Washing fleece in an unscented detergent and without bleach is the safest method for guinea pigs.

Many Esty shops sell premade fleece liners for your guinea pigs!

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